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30 day Self-love Journal

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The journey of loving yourself often feels like a rollercoaster ride, one that is filled with plenty of loops, turns, and sometimes thrills. Despite the smile we might put on our faces if we are honest with ourselves it can be very difficult to always love the person you see in the mirror. Well, this self-love journal is meant to meet you exactly where you are on your journey, no matter if you are at an all time low or if you love every area of your life. 

This journal is broken into 3 sections: Discovering yourself, investing in yourself, and loving yourself. Each section is meant to serve as a resource for you on your progressing journey of self-love. If you are ready to fall madly in love with yourself then this is the journal for you!

XOXO your sis,



**Please include the first name of the person RECEIVING the journal in the "order special instructions" section on the checkout page so we can write her name on the certificate. Therefore, if you are purchasing the journal as a gift please put the first name of the person who you are gifting the journal to.**


What's included:

  • One 5.5in by 8.5in spiral bound journal broken into 3 different sections
  • 30 unique topics to help you dive deeper into your self-love journey
  • 30 pages of reflective questions to guide your daily writing
  • A self-love quiz to identify where you currently are on your self-love journey
  • A personalized certificate to remind you of the growth you experienced

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