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You are loved!

Hey sis! We just wanted to let you know you are incredible just the way you are! You were perfectly crafted by God and placed on this Earth for a reason. He has a purpose for you and no one can take that away from you. We just want to remind you that you are loved and you deserve to be treated like the queen that you are. We hope that our products can help you discover the real you and fall deeper in love with the woman in the mirror.

Our Why

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We believe you are meant to illuminate the world around you with the love within you. We accomplish our mission by providing women with resources to love the person they see in the mirror every morning.

Our name Luminate Love is a play on the word “illuminate” which in our eyes has two definitions:

1. Make (something) visible or bright by shining light on it; light up. We hope that our brand serves as the light in the dark. We aim to be a source of positivity in a world that can be very harsh towards women.

2. Help to clarify or explain.We hope to be the #1 resource for women to clarify what self-love is and how one can radiate love to others.

Ultimately, Luminate Love focuses on self-love because we believe love begins with first loving your inner-self.

‘Love your neighbor as yourself’ (Matthew 22:39)

It’s Time to W.I.N: Turning your dreams into reality

Hi I’m Lauren!

I've encountered my fair share of self-doubt and moments when motivation seemed hard to come by. Nonetheless, I've consistently conquered these challenges to bravely pursue my dreams. Whether it was launching my own nonprofit during the pandemic's peak or leaving my job to wholeheartedly invest in my own business, I've embarked on the journey of turning dreams into reality. And now, I'm eager to guide you on a similar path!

Areas of Focus


Winning Self-Talk

I'm here to help you transform the way you talk to yourself. Together, we'll rewire your inner thoughts so you can leave believe self-doubt and become your #1 fan.


Inner Purpose

This section is all about creating a clear roadmap to your dreams by uncovering your inner desires, and discovering your “why.” Don’t worry, I will be right there to guide you every step of the way.


Navigating Accountability

To help you turn your dreams into reality, we will explore the essential habits for goal achievement and help you seamlessly integrate them into your daily life. Together, we'll keep you on track and celebrate your progress every step of the way.

This program is for you if...

You want to tap into your potential and live your best life

You have a dream but need the confidence and accountability to take the leap

You seek alignment between your goals and overall purpose

You want to build unshakable self-confidence and self-belief

You've been putting off your goals and need help taking action

You are ready to chase after your dreams and W.I.N.!

Do you relate to any of the statements above? If so, this 3-month personal development coaching program is perfect for you!

Schedule a free, 30-minute discovery call with me to learn how I can get you on track to making your dreams a reality!

The Self-Love Collection

Self-Love Affirmation Cards

With the busyness of life it is so easy to forget to set time aside for you. Well, we challenge you to choose yourself for 30 days while you go through our set of 30 affirmation cards.

30-day Self Love Journal

The journey of loving yourself often feels like a rollercoaster ride, one that is filled with plenty of loops, turns, and sometimes thrills. This self-love journal is meant to meet you exactly where you are on your journey, no matter if you are at an all time low or if you love every area of your life.

Love is in the Air Notepad

This notepad is meant to help you ponder on how you love yourself and love others throughout the day. By completing these prompts daily you will become more aware of not only how you receive love but also how to love those around you, including strangers.

Our Founder

Hey sis! My name is Lauren Martin and I am the woman behind Luminate Love, but you can just think of me as your online sister, your biggest (online) cheerleader, and your personal guide on your self-love journey.

After starting my own self-love journey and stumbling through its ups and downs, I wanted to establish a brand that helps women navigate the process, no matter what point they're at. Therefore, I established Luminate Love to accompany women through their progressing journey of self-love (or simply think of us as your go-to place for all things self-love).

We are here to be your shoulder to cry on, community to cheer you on, and a listening ear if you just need to rant. We want to be there for you during every occasion and teach you how to better love yourself.

We believe everyone deserves to feel fulfilled and loved when they look in the mirror. As such we have strategically curated an array of products to fit whatever life phase you may currently be in. I am so excited to welcome you into our family and share my story with you along the way!

Luminate Love is close to my heart because I’m a real woman that has experienced the ups and downs of self-love. I understand doubting your purpose one day and then the next thinking you are the most beautiful woman in the world. I know the struggle of comparing yourself to the unrealistic expectations society places on you. I can relate to you. I am here for you!

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Our Mission

Luminate Love exists to accompany women through their progressing journey of self-love.

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