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A Soul Sister is someone who is your biggest cheerleader, always puts a smile on your face, and you can always be yourself around. Once you meet this person you wonder... where have they been all of your life.

Women are multifacted and their communities should be too!

Our Model

We created Soul Sisters because we know women are not one-dimensional therefore they need a community to cater to multiple needs. Therefore, we focus on creating an environment that allows you to have a thriving social life, reflect on your life to strengthen your self-worth and provide an intimate sisterhood to hold you accountable.

  • Social

    Are you a young professional that longs to create meaningful relationships outside of work? Or maybe you are a new mother that is dying for some alone time with the girls? Potentially you identify as a boss woman that works hard but has no time for play? Well whatever the reason, Soul Sisters can be the place to help revive your social life and allow you to have unique experiences with incredible women.

  • Self-Worth

    Even the most incredible people need a remind every once in a while of how amazing they are. Every month we will choose a different topic to challenge your perspective of yourself. Remember true success is produced from uncomfortable growth - being pushed outside your comfort zone is key if you truly want to grow.

  • Sisterhood (accountability)

    We know there is greatness inside of you, therefore we place our sisters into pods (called sisterhoods) that meet regularly to help hold each other accountable. No matter if your next level is centered around eating healthier, starting a business, or running a marathon your sisters will be there every step of the way!

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Membership Plans

We offer 2 membership plans so our members are able to select the one that best fits their lifestyle without compromising on the quality of their expereince.

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